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Good Stewarts of God's Money
Presenter: Rev. Dr. Majorie Ducan Reed

Today I want to give you a few things to think about; and if they make sense to you, make some changes.

1 Corinthians 4:2 says: "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful." I believe that this is just not being faithful in preaching the word, but in all things. We must be faithful to God in how we handle our finances. Preachers, we cannot teach and preach tithing if we do not tithe. Be careful when you counsel people regarding their finances, if yours are messed up. So today I just want to give you a few things to look at.

Financial Management Basics – Top Ten Steps to Securing Your Financial Future

1) Know Where You Stand
- Get Organized! (Most people know exactly what they take in - few know exactly what they spend). Record your expenses for 31 days at least once a year; and I do mean record every cent.

2) Live Within Your Means
- Good formula: Annual income multiplied by .85 (employer savings plan), multiplied by $0.70 (average taxes and deductions), subtract $5,000 (your Roth contribution), divided by 12 equals your ideal monthly income amount. Example: $60,000 x $0.85 = $51,000 x $0.70 = $35,700 - $5,000 = $30,700 / 12 = $2,558 per month. Easy, right?

3) Borrow for Needs not Wants
- We need somewhere to live, and we need transportation. We do not need vacations, jewelry, or other luxury items. If you must temporarily carry a balance, never exceed 70% of your limit.

4) Emergency Fund
Keep 6 months (or more) of your monthly expenses in a special account. It's human nature to spend what we have, but with discipline we can set aside money for lean times. (Joseph encouraged Pharaoh to build storehouses for times of famine).

5) Retirement Planning
The time frame for your retirement portfolio is the rest of your life. - Understand your options BEFORE you retire, create a plan, and work the plan. If married, recognize that when the first spouse dies, the survivor only receives one Social Security check (the higher of the two), and survivors rarely receive the same (if any) pension proceeds.

6) Pay Yourself First
- Save, using your 401(k) (pre-tax), and then with a Roth IRA (tax-free)

7) Deposit Account type vs. Investment Account type
Balance your portfolio through diversification. Being diversified is NOT having CDs in multiple banks. (The book of Ecclesiastes advises the reader to "plant many types of crops, because we don't know which one might fail" – and my mother used to say “Don’t put all the eggs in one basket”!) Having different types of investments increases your risk level, but also increases your opportunity for gain (putting our talents to work).
- For tax advantages (defer taxes as long as you can)
- For beneficiary advantages (non-spousal versus spousal, wealth transfer)
- For diversification advantages (your needs, goals and dreams are different from your friends)

8) Protect your income, assets and estate with insurance
- Life Insurance (Final expenses, income replacement for survivors)
- Disability Insurance (You are your greatest asset – your ability to generate an income)
- Long Term Care Insurance (Most people think the government is going to take care of them in their old age – and they will – it's called Medicaid… or welfare – after all of your assets are gone)
- Auto, Home and Umbrella policies (Most people don't know that if they get sued, their retirement nest eggs can be taken from them!)

9) Legal Planning
Create your legal plan – before someone else does (a well meaning judge who doesn't know you) - Will, Powers of Attorney, Living Will (Health Care Proxy), potentially a Living Trust IMPORTANT: If your Powers of Attorney have not been updated recently to address HIPPA regulations, it will NOT be honored – and should be updated as soon as possible.

10) Review your progress – get a tune up periodically
Consult a financial expert
- Look for an RFC, CFP or CHFC (Most offer a free initial consultation), ask them how they are paid, look for experience, ask your friends and family for names
To those who have opportunity to preach and you receive love offerings, may I propose to you: - Tithe off of this money
- It is not for buying groceries and paying bills
- Keep track of where it goes
- I have mine in a separate account: offerings at all of the churches we go to; donations (many times tax deductible); books; gas; workshops and retreats; conferences; conventions;

What I have proposed is not Gospel, it is thought provoking. I am serving as vice chairman on a voluntary board of directors for a 400 mil credit union. I have been on this board for 12 years, and today I have shared just a few things for you to think about. But they are things you can do now with your finances that will make a big difference. In other words these things will put money in your pocket.

Be Blessed!

Amen. You are so right! Psalm 7:9 “The righteousness of God tries the heart and reins". Will he find it wanting? Many "Christians" continue to live from the place of their old man (man of sin) instead of the new man that was created and renewed after the image of Christ. They continue to live for themselves forgetting that we are supposed to be crucified with Christ and this new life we live we live UNTO Christ (Galatians 2:20) Not ourselves. Let that old man die that you may live!

Continue to obey and submit to the will of God and be an example (even as Christ is our example) to all who will read the testimony of your life. I am proud of you!

Kingdom first!
Kingdom now!
Kingdom always!

Dealing with Grief - Genesis Ministers Conference Meeting Teaching Period
Presenter: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth H.G. Prior



    The child placed in yet another foster home.
    The married couple that desires to has a child, but have been unable to conceive.
    The teenager adjusting to a new school environment.
    The adult struggling with failing health.
    Parents left alone after all of their children have left the nest.
    The widow/widower left alone after many years of marriage.
    Adults who have no other alternative than to place a parent in a nursing home.
    Youth who have lost siblings, neighbors, and classmates to homicide or judicial system.
    Parents who are burying their children too soon.
    Newly-retired persons who don't feel as if they have a reason to get up in the morning.
    Adults dealing with divorce and /or separation.
    Older citizens who don't feel valued by this culture.





    JOHN 14:1-3
    ISAIAH 53:3B
    ECCLESIASTES 1:17, 18






    1. Accepting the Reality of Loss - If we are supporting someone who is grieving we should:
      • A. Look for signs of suicide
      • B. Comfort and Listen (be a shoulder to lean on)
      • C. Keep that person busy (give them something to be responsible for
      • D. What other things could you do?
    2. Experiencing the Pain of Grief - As Supporters we can:
      • A. Give the person adequate time to grieve and be there when they allow it
      • B. Contact their friends and family
      • C. Look for signs of depression, isolation, poor hygiene, sleep habits, memory loss that are becoming dangerous and call the person's doctor and the Behavioral Health Alliance (215) 765-9000 Ext. 3118 or 3119
      • D. What other things could you do?
    3. Adjusting to the Environment Without the Deceased - If supporting this grieving individual ask these questions:
      • A. Does the individual need to move, if so help them?
      • B. Does the individual need to go on a trip?
      • C. Would the individual agree to therapy?
      • D. Should someone be living with the individual presently?
      • E. What else could you do?
    4. Relocating the Deceased Emotionally and Moving On - If supporting someone during this stage consider:
      • A. Encouraging them to join a support group
      • B. Therapy
      • C. Reminding them of God's promise to all of us and the eternity of heaven
      • D.What else can you do?



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