Genesis Minister's Conference, Eastern Region

Under the Pennsylvania Baptist Clergywomen, Inc.

About Us

Our membership consists of: Baptist pastors, assistant and associate ministers. There are also lay members who head ministries within their local churches and feel a call to the ministry, whom we mentor.

The Purpose and objective of our organization is to support, educate, prepare, and empower clergywomen. Opportunity is given to learn, teach and preach and help in the development of the skills to enhance their progression in ministry.

We encourage standards of excellence, communication, and cooperation to establish and maintain an active and integral relationship with the local church, the pastor, and the community.

Although there are some Clergy women who bump against what many call the stained-glass ceiling, this conference does not ordain. We feel the ordination process is a role of the local church. However, we do provide a network of resources, mentors, and colleagues to help create a positive experience in ministry.

The Pennsylvania Baptist Clergy Women, Inc has a network of churches with women pastors that are seasoned to help strengthen one another for the journey.

We are members of the Body of Christ seeking to uplift and build the Kingdom of God.

The Conference Meets Every 1st Saturday Of The Month (Except July & August)
Place: Headquarters
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM




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